Valentine's Hearts Confetti Necklace

Valentine's Hearts Confetti Necklace

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 A fun printed bead necklace to match all your red & pinks!

 Please note that the pattern on these beads is irregular, e.g. there is a place on each bead where the pattern overlaps. The price has been reduced to reflect this minor flaw. 

Standard sizes are suitable for ages 1-6. Other sizes available by request.


  • 17" long (approximate)
  • 20mm acrylic beads
  • Hand-strung on reinforced wire
  • Your choice of clasp


  • 20mm acrylic beads
  • Hand-strung on stretch cord
  • 4-6"


✔️ This is not a teething necklace.
✔️Supervised use only in children under 3
✔️Remove for sleep or travel.
✖️Accessories are not toys. 
✖️Do not allow accessories to be placed in mouth.




* Tall girls, teens and ladies may wish to request additional length

** We suggest toggle closures for little one’s cake smash and for older girls who can manage clasps on their own. Magnet clasps are great for preschoolers who want to be independent but are a wee bit impatient!