Ribbon Lanyards: Characters/Animals/Sports

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Keep your mask clean and secure. 

This mask does not have a breakaway clasp. Please add on a safety clasp here  

For young children, we suggest attaching a different lanyard to each mask your child carries, for easy changing throughout the day.

  • Lightweight
  • 7/8” or 1” grosgrain ribbon
  • Plastic snaps on both ends
  • Approximately 20" when snapped
  • Other lengths available by request.  
  • Hand-wash or gentle cycle and hang dry


Any item worn around the neck or head can pose a potential choking hazard. 
This item is not intended for unsupervised use in young children.

Use your best judgement.

✔️Supervised use only in younger children
✔️Remove for sleep, travel or play on climbing structures
✖️Accessories are not toys.
✖️Do not allow any fashion accessory to be placed in the mouth.