Popsicles & Rainbows Ribbon Lined Hair Clip | Simple Fringe or Bang Clips | Barrettes for Baby, Toddler, Girls | Small Bows for Fine Hair

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Lined hair clips give a touch of colour and keep hair neatly off your little girl's face without any fuss.

Select your style of clip:

🎀 1.8” Standard Alligator Clips stay put in medium-weight baby hair right up to full-weight adult hair. No-slip silicone strip always included.

🎀1.4” Mini Alligator Clips are ideal for baby and toddler bangs or for baby's first tiny piggy tails. No-slip silicone strip always included.

🎀 1.2" Wee Baby Snap Clips stay put in fine baby hair. {No-Slip silicone strip by request only}

🎀All clips are certified lead free and partially covered in heat-sealed grosgrain ribbon.


✔️Supervised use only in children under 3
✔️Remove for sleep or travel.
✖️Do not allow accessories to be placed in mouth.
✖️Accessories are not toys.