Monthly Bow Subscription - Prepaid

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Give the Gift of Madeline Ann Monthly!

With this prepaid three-month subscription, your recipient will receive three gorgeous bows each month, delivered right to their door!  

Who doesn't love Happy Mail?

Subscription Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Access to the newest and prettiest bows each month
  • Early access to seasonal prints and super-steal add-ons
  • Option to add-on other shop purchase  with no additional shipping charges

Available Options:

  • Your choice of clip or headband
  • Your choice of Glitter or No Glitter
  • Bow styles, materials and patterns will vary each month*

Materials will include leather* (smooth, printed, metallic or textured), suede* cotton, linen, lace, velvet, velour, ribbon and glitter!
{*All materials are vegan} 

Additional Information:

  • Subscription bows are exclusive to the subscription and will not be available elsewhere
  • At this time, substitutions/swaps are not available
  • The same finish will be applied to all three of your bows
  • You will be billed a one-time charge of the full cost of a three month subscription ($60CAD) plus shipping as applicable to the delivery address.  
  • This prepaid gift subscription has been optimized for holiday shopping and will begin in January. Please let us know if you’d like it to start sooner! 
  • Would you like a gift card or certificate to present to your recipient? Please send us a message to arrange this. 
  • When purchasing a gift subscription please proceed to checkout with only items being  sent to your recipient’s shipping address.