Valentine’s Pre-Order: Hand-Drawn Hearts

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This is a Pre-Order for Valentine’s hair bows in  "Hand Drawn Hearts” printed glitter fabric. 
This fabric will pair beautifully with black, silver and classic vibrant reds particularly those with gloss or shine. 

  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for your items to be ready. 
  • Select your desired bow shape, accent choice and finish from the drop-down menus.
  • To see bow shapes, please use the search function on our website to search by bow name. 


Shown in this listing are some possible pairings for this fabric. If one catches your eye or if you have a specific request for another accent fabric, please leave that request in the notes box at checkout.

You do not need to choose the accent fabric; simply leave the notes box empty and I will use my discretion to choose the best fabric pairing for you! 

Single layer bows can have one choice of accent fabric while double layer bows can have one or two. 

These are sample fabrics; please choose based on the type of fabric and general colour you prefer. The specific shades will be adjusted by me to ensure the perfect match!