Product Information

Necklace Clasps 

A magnet clasp is the perfect solution for preschool aged girls who want to be independent but may not be able to manage a toggle clasp themselves. 

A toggle clasp is ideal for older girls who can manage the clasps on their own *and* it is also recommended when necklaces are being used as photo props for babies and toddlers, so their curious little hands don't  remove that necklace at the wrong moment!


Clip Types 

We are pleased to offer a variety of finishes to suit your little one. Please refer to the following images. 

🎀 1.8" Silicone Lined Clips are the most standard clip. They stay put in a medium amount of baby hair right up to full-weight adult hair. No-slip silicone strip always included. 

🎀1.4" Mini Silicone Lined Clips are a smaller version; they are ideal for baby and toddler bangs or for baby's first tiny piggy tails. No-slip silicone strip always included. 

🎀 1.2" Wee Baby Snap Clips stay put in fine baby hair. {No-Slip silicone strip by request only} They are perfect for baby bangs. These clips are available ribbon lined or with small embellishments only. 

🎀 1.8” Clips With Teeth are well suited to full-weight child and adult hair and ideal for placement in front of a ponytail elastic. 

🎀 1.35” Mini Alligator Clips with Teeth are well suited to medium-weight child hair and ideal for placement in front of pigtail elastics. 

🎀All clips are certified lead free and partially covered (bottom prong is bare) in heat-sealed grosgrain ribbon.


🚸Our Items Contain Small Parts: supervise children under 3 years of age while they’re wearing them. 

⚠️ Remove accessories for sleep or travel, always.  

❌ Our Bubblegum jewelry are not teething products. 

🚫 Do not allow accessories to be placed in mouth. 

❌ Accessories are not toys.